As a researcher I've worked on multiple documentary films and series, doing everything from finding subjects and interesting storylines to preparing interview questions for directors. My Hijab, My Business was the first documentary series I completely researched myself. On Hollands Welvaren & Beestieboys II worked as a junior researcher with a team of senior researchers. I assisted them in finding subjects and wrote research briefs on possible protagonists. In 2017 I've contributed to the research of the upcoming feature NETIZENS and I researched characters & story lines for the pilot of an upcoming doc series on so called smart drugs. Currently I'm developing a project about gender disparity in the media.

My Hijab, My Business - Directed by Doesjka van Hoogdalem (NTR/MO, The Netherlands, 2015)
Two part documentary series about today's storytellers: fashion & beauty vloggers. More popular than popstars, more refined than top models and more influential than glossies; vloggers are the stars of the new generation. My Hijab, My Business focusses on the personal and professional life of three popular fashion & beauty vloggers; Amena Khan, Nura Afia and Ikram Aqantos. They're young, hijab wearing women who earn their money through their videos.

Hollands Welvaren II - Directed by Michiel van Erp (VPRO, The Netherlands, 2015)
How to live a rich life? In the first season of Hollands Welvaren documentarian Michiel van Erp made portraits of Dutch people who are trying to improve their own quality of life as well as that of others. The second season takes place in and around the workplace. In seven episodes he shows driven Dutch people in their work life. It's about chosen and forced twists and turns at work and following your passion.

Beestieboys II - By Nicolaas Veul & Tim den Besten (VPRO, The Netherlands, 2014)
A tv program that highlights the special bond between humans and animals.